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Help us save Lake Atitlan in Guatemala by joining composting toilet project

Join Us

There are Many Ways to Participate



Mailing List

By joining the email list, you can become part of the project community. You will get regular updates on the latest developments. Don’t worry, your personal information is safe with us and we only send out emails every month or two.


—Everyone has some kind of skill that can be of help. Think about all of the things that you are good at and like to do. We are sure we can find a way to put you to work. It could be from home, or it could in Guatemala. Contact us with any ideas you come up with.

Provide Feedback

Do you have some ideas? So far, what aspects of the project and its implementation work for you and what aspects don’t work? What is missing? All points of view are welcome. Please contact us with your thoughts.



Would you like to help raise funds to support the project? Maybe you can write some copy or do some research. Maybe you know people who would like to provide support. Contact us and we will help you come up with fundraising ideas.


No amount is too small. If everybody who visits the site donates just one dollar, we can fully fund the prototype phase. Money is very scarce in Guatemala and a little bit goes a long way. Donate today.

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