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El Inodoro Más Avanzado Recognized by UN-Water

World Toilet Day Poster

Dear all, I wanted to share with you an exciting email received from the UN-Water, World Toilet Day project:

Dear Daniel,

Thank you so much for your email, and for your engagement in the World Toilet Day campaign!

Here at UN-Water, we are very impressed with organizations who want to explore how we can overcome the sanitation challenges of the 21st century.

We would also like to apologies for the very delayed reply, but we have unfortunately had a hiccup with system. We understand if this email find you to late.

We are convinced that your work is an inspiration to others. Please share link to the web on social media, we’ll do our best to repost/tweet. Please make sure to include the official hashtag #WorldToiletDay so other organizations may easily find you and support you in your cause.

If interesting, you may also publish information about your work on the world map, promote it and link up to others.

Thank you once again so much for contributing to the World Toilet Day, your work helps people get informed, engaged and inspired to take action.

Best regards,


-------------------------------------- Anna Nylander Norén Digital & Community Specialist UN-Water E-mail: Skype: AnnaNylanderNoren

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