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A Lake in Trouble


Lake Atitlán, considered one of the world's most beautiful lakes, is surrounded by volcanos and colorful Mayan villages. With tourism and popularity have come modern conveniences including flush toilets. Due to a variety of factors, this has led to the flow of untreated sewage into the lake, which has no natural outlet. This has resulted in many locals, who live in poverty, suffering from horrible illness.

Lake Atitlan Guatemala
Ours is a unique approach to waterless toilet international development in that the new technology that we will be introducing will be extremely high-tech, fancy, and attractive. Past attempts with crude rustic solutions have met with rejection by the targeted beneficiaries. We believe that people living in poverty are no less interested in having the latest technology than anyone else.
Lake Atitlan Guatemala Polution
The Problem


Untreated sewage enters Lake Atitlán, inflicting residents with parasites and disease.

Composting toilet solution for Lake Atitlan Guatemala
The Solution


Since there is no hope for adequate wastewater treatment, flush toilets are replaced by clean modern waterless toilets.

Lake Atitlan Guatmala Composting Toilet Project Plan
The Project


The five-step plan begins with students working on a prototype and ends with an indigenous owned and run business.

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